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MEP Guy Verhofstadt wünscht NEOS viel Erfolg

24.03.2013 NEOS Team

Dear friends of NEOS,

I am delighted that there is an effort to build a new political alternative in Austria. The confrontational politics of the past and during clientelism of the major parties in Austria must be replaced by fresh ideas and by the enormous energy that NEOS represents.

This is a time for a new Austria.
We share your passion for value based politics.
We share your call for a stronger citizen and a responsible state.

We from our side are building Europe that is unified in its diversity and strengthened by its unity. And the ALDE group in the European Parliament is by far the most pro-european force. And we shall spare no effort to promote european solutions to the continuing crisis of leadership in the European Union.

You can not build Europe without a vision.
You can not change Europe without unifying like minded citizens.

So today, my message to you is very clear:
We need a united, a strong and courageous voice from Austria.
We need to join forces for the national and European election.
And my group is looking forward for having a strong partner in Austria.

Without you nothing will change!
Go for it! Join forces!
And you can be assured that you have got a strong partner in Europe.

Guy Verhofstadt, MEP Leader of ALDE Group