NEOS – reshaping Austrian politics

In Sep­tem­ber 2013, a newly foun­ded grass-roots mo­ve­ment gai­ned 9 seats in the Aus­tri­an Par­li­a­ment at the first go: NEOS – meaning “new” in the Greek language and referring to the “New Aus­tria”.


NEOS is a po­li­ti­cal party and a li­be­ral ci­ti­zens’ mo­ve­ment.

We – NEOS – have very different back­grounds, yet we have one thing in common: we all come from the very centre of so­cie­ty. We en­t­e­red the po­li­ti­cal arena to kick-start the es­sen­ti­al re­forms Aus­tria needs.

Our political agenda is based on 5 core va­lues:

  1. Our love of free­dom reflects our open-mindedness; it embraces the freedom of choice and the principles of independence.
  2. We treat others with mutual respect and greatly appreciate new ideas for shaping our future.
  3. We believe in and promote autonomy by strengthening both citizens’ rights and democracy.
  4. Sustainability is firmly entrenched in what we do and how we think – striking a balance between society, the economy and the environment is our goal.
  5. Our au­then­ticity is real, just like our transparency. We are citizens who entered politics – and not politicians posing as citizens.

Par­ti­ci­pa­ti­on, open­ness and trans­pa­ren­cy are in our DNA. Our po­li­ti­cal po­si­ti­ons are not crea­ted be­hind clo­sed doors, but by thousands of ci­ti­zens in hund­reds of task forces on a fe­deral, re­gio­nal and com­mu­nal level.

Po­li­tics is the pu­blic space where we de­ci­de on how we shall live to­ge­ther in the future. Our de­ci­si­ons therefore need to re­flect not­hing but pu­blic in­te­rest. 



 We aim for modernisation – we set out to reshape Austria’s socio-political landscape by putting the spotlight on 4 key topics:

  • a turnaround in education,
  • a social system that is fit for generations to come,
  • an entrepreneurial Austria,
  • an innovative model for democracy.

Their continued development, refinement and achievement is firmly entrenched in the 9½ points of our programme:

1.      A fair system with lower taxes and duties.
2.      An invigorated edu­ca­ti­on system, encouraging diversity.
3.      An over­haul of the pen­si­on sys­tem.
4.      The re­duc­tion of pu­blic debts.
5.      A needs-based social security system as a pillar of solidarity.
6.      A sustainable economic management with less bureaucracy and more room for entrepreneurs.
7.      A contemporary framework that supports families with the child care and the infrastructure they need.
8.      Real po­li­ti­cal trans­pa­ren­cy, allowing more active par­ti­ci­pa­ti­on.
9.      A revamped, truly democratic Europe that unites its nations and invites citizens to help shape their future.
9½.   Politics thrives on new ideas; it needs smart people with brilliant minds – and less people who cling on to their seats.



We are proud Austrians and equally proud Eu­ro­peans.

Yet, we know: only a de­mo­cra­tic and strong Eu­ro­pe will be able to tackle today’s chal­len­ges and those in the years to come. At a Eu­ro­pean level, we are part of ALDE, the Al­li­an­ce of Li­be­rals and De­mo­crats.

At an international level, we have made the concerns of Austrians living abroad our own. NEOS actively represents them and their specific interests in Parliament. Austrians living abroad are invited to contribute their knowledge and experience.

Join us:



Any­one who wants to par­ti­ci­pa­te can join a NEOS task force and vol­un­te­er his time and know­ledge. Vol­un­te­ers also head and lead those task forces, they work with ex­perts, draft po­si­ti­ons and pa­pers, and co­ope­ra­te with party head­quar­ters and mem­bers of Par­li­a­ment.

NEOS does not select its can­di­da­tes by means of se­cret hor­se-tra­ding but uses a three stage pri­ma­ry sys­tem. We want our po­li­ti­ci­ans to be de­di­ca­ted ci­ti­zens and ex­pe­ri­en­ced en­tre­pre­neurs who vol­un­te­er their time for pu­blic ser­vice. That’s why each can­di­da­te has to go through the same sys­tem. And that’s why we are con­side­ring in­tro­du­cing term li­mits.

NEOS has already re­vo­lu­tio­ni­sed the po­li­ti­cal party fun­ding sys­tem in Aus­tria. In order to spearhead fur­ther reforms and launch more innovative campaigns, we need support – and do­na­ti­ons. Du­ring the 2013 elec­tion cam­pai­gn alone, we rai­sed 1.5 mil­li­on Euros from more than 3,000 do­nors – naturally, we pu­blis­h each and every do­na­ti­on.


For fur­ther in­for­ma­ti­on please visit: www.​neos.​eu or

If you want to contact us, just send an email to: